Pubg mobile lite best player in india

When the legendary Call of Duty series finally decided to make its way to mobile phones it did it right. The game is supremely polished, ships with solid mechanics, PvP modes, and, of course, a player battle royale mode. What sets it apart is a crafting element that lets you, well, build walls, weapons, and traps around you.

You can even sync your console and PC data to bring over your preferred skins. The only gripe? The game needs a pretty hefty smartphone to get the gameplay smooth, so mid-range phones might not cut it. Unfortunately, due to ongoing legal tussles, the game is no longer available on the Play Store. Check out our guide on how to install Fornite on your phone for more on how to get into the action.

Free Fire is another very popular mobile battle royale game that managed to hit million peak daily users earlier this year. An excellent alternative to PUBG Mobile, the game offers up to player combat and is tweaked for shorter bursts of gameplay up to 10 minutes in length.

PUBG Lite PC Stops Working in India, Indian Players Unable to Connect

The game is well polished and lets you create four-man squads including voice chat. Battlelands Royale is a bit different in that it follows a top-down shooting style. It lets up to 32 players join in for short, minute battles. The best part? There is very little wait time and no lobbies either. The perfect mobile battle royale game to play in short bursts. If you really miss PUBG, this one might be right up your street.

It uses a Minecraft style pixel graphic style which gives it a rather cute look. Other than that, the mechanics and controls remain very similar to other MOBAs and it includes adjustable graphics settings for entry-level smartphones. A solid game all-around, it is well worth trying out. Looking for even more battle royale options? Download on Google Play! Download from Epic Games!


Download from Google Play! Battlelands Royale.The game was operating in open beta mode in India and has finally stopped working. There has been no reason given as to why the game has stopped working in India or is it still even being developed.

Mostly because of the fact that there was an official version of PUBG for low-end computers and laptops. The game was region-locked when it was initially launched and India was outside the region so players in India had to use a VPN initially to play the game.

Even once the game was opened for the Indian players it made no effort to make a presence in the Indian gaming scene. There were a few Indian streamers on Youtube that did try the game when it was opened to the Indian players but by that time it was too late. This was noticed by many Indian players. This is surprising considering the fact that the timing is very coincidental with the PUBG Mobile ban.

It must be pointed out that the game was stagnating after the minor April update. The website of the game has also not uploaded any new notification or updates about the game.

Head Lines. Sushant Rohan Singh Pcquest. Share This Article Do the sharing thingy. December 3, Stadia Pro is free for two months April 9, No Comments so far Jump into a conversation. No Comments Yet! You can be the one to start a conversation. Click here to cancel reply.This critically acclaimed multiplayer online battle royale video game designed by Brendan Greene has turned the gaming industry upside down for good.

This video game brought a new era of gaming and live streaming with opportunities for thousands of streamers around the world. While everyone is having fun with this game, how could have India stayed any behind having so many die-hard PUBG fans? How does PUBG affect you in real life? Note : Dates mentioned are according to the oldest uploaded videos on these streamers respective YouTube channels.

He started his YouTube channel on 15 September, The first videos that he posted on his channel were of his gameplays of Mini Militia. MortaL plays PUBGM on tab and those of you who are not aware enough, you might need to watch out if this guy is put in the same server as yours for how stunningly excellent he is at what he does. The first few videos he uploaded was of his gameplay of the video game Rules of Survival.

He soon then started playing PUBGM and within a year, Yadav gained enormous fame and affection because of his gameplay, down-to-earth nature, positive attitude and sense of humour. Today beloved Padulal is one of the most successful and loved streamers on YouTube India. He started his channel CarryisLive on 9 Jan, He is one of the earliest progressive video game streaming channels in India. Call him a pioneer. With a witty sense of humour Carry has got his audience rolling on the floor.

He is one of the most renowned Youtubers and streamers in India today. Does that sound any familiar to you? Sawant again is one of the earliest gaming streamers in India. He took his first step into gaming on 24 March, He started playing PUBG on and since then there has been no turning back him for him.

His mad gameplay, energetic humour and absolute unique commentary makes him stand out and is one the best Indian gaming streamers on YouTube. He did not start as a gaming channel exactly, but he soon began posting videos of his gameplays of various video games. He set his foot into PUBG PC by uploading his gameplay videos on after which he gained a wide range of followers. BeastBoyShub is definitely one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube in India and the funny Hindi commentaries just keeps adding to the goodness.

The first video he streamed was of him playing PUBG. Singh started his channel on 5 March, He played games like GTA and Resident Evil 7 for the first few months, soon then he started streaming PUBGM which caught more and more eyes for him everyday which just keeps growing and growing. His killer gameplay at PUBG mobile and his polite nature are some of the examples of his many good traits that makes his fans absolutely love him.In this article, we have narrowed down some of the best battle royale games which you can play on Android as well as on iOS devices.

After the immersive success in PC games, Call of Duty launched its mobile version of the game last year. This game is fast-paced, and a variety of weapons and maps will impress you in this game. Players can play battle royale mode where players play together. Also, players have a choice to play in multiplayer mode where 5vs5 team-based combats are played.

Garena Free Fire is another option for experiencing the battle royale action in mobile. This game is also playable on low-end devices, which makes it even more impressive. Every 10 minutes, the game drops you on a battlefield where you are pitted against 49 other players.

Free Fire is also a competitive game having its e-Sports scene already growing in India. Although the game is more famous in the American region, India does not lack behind. Indian team already competed once on the global level for this title and more local tournaments are being set up, recent most being Free Fire Brawler Bash.

Battlelands Royale is a casual and fun game to play. This game is low sized as compared to the other games on this list.

pubg mobile lite best player in india

It is not very complicated, has easy controls and is short and enjoyable for players looking for a fast-paced game style. The game has a quick game style.

pubg mobile lite best player in india

This is the game which you can just download and dive into it without mastering the controls or anything of that sort. The playstyle is like other battle royale games with slight twists. You can play solo or duo queues in a huge map where you have to loot, shoot and survive. The nature of this game is very casual and hence if you are looking for a fun alternative, we recommend you this game.

Connect with us on social media to get notified when we post such amazing content. Facebook Twitter. Featured post. Connect With Us. Newsletter Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. PUBG News. More Games. Checkout These Posts. Popular Posts. August 26, Menu Footer Widget. About Contact Us Disclaimer Sitemap.Pubg is becoming more and more popular with millions of active users per day. We do not compare them with each other. We are not comparing them with each other.

All 10 players are good at playing PUBG. But still we comparing them on a FAN base and tournaments they have won. Who does not know SoulMortal, Every pubg stream watcher knows him.

He is very good at his Strategy and reflexes. Youtube channel — Mortal. He is the leader of 8bit Clan and captain of the team while tournament. He started playing pubg and streaming it since He has won many tournaments and participated in many tournaments. He is best at sniping and his rush gameplay. He plays with two finger controls. His reflexes are very fast. Youtube channel — SoulViper. He is best at strategy and his rush gameplay. He plays with four finger controls.

Maxtern is one the most lovable player of the ES clan. She is also rumored as the girlfriend of SoulMortal. She is a very good female pubg player.A status code that reflects the status of the association set creation. Example: 1 description optional A description of the topic distribution up to 8192 characters long.

The 5 best alternatives to PUBG Mobile in India

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pubg mobile lite best player in india

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pubg mobile lite best player in india

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Top 10 Best Pubg Mobile Players in India (Only Mobile)

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