Mozambique money rituals

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I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Contact Lonely Planet here. Lonely Planet Privacy Policy. Travel Booking Hotels Flights Insurance. Social media links Twitter Facebook Pinterest Flipboard. International English.This post was originally published in January and was updated March I want you to feel wealthy — free to make decisions you need and want to make.

And I want you to be free of the dark blanket of worry that I see burdens so many and drags them into playing it small. Oh, we might talk a big talk about income, wealth, savings and growth. It is about the stories we tell ourselves because of those numbers. Get into almost any group and somebody has something or is doing something better than you. The truth is you do deserve it and there is enough to go around. If I was to make of list of lessons that changed to course of my life, this would be first on the list: you can your programming.

A bit a time, you can trim away the edges of years of programming to install the version you want for the next 5, 10 or 50 years. Call them habits, mantras, observations, or — Oh, I know — upgrades.

Here they are — 3 deceptively simple rituals that could quite simply change your life and make you rich. Your goal is to become comfortable with having wealth in your life. It can also impact your decisions, by playing it safe or not asking for what you want.

This is the growth mindset coined by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck that can lead to better decisions and even a longer life. The only difference between people who have more of what you want and you comes down to what you focus on. Abundance is all around you. Click To Tweet. And when you express gratitude even just thinking how grateful you are has lasting effects on your brain and well being that can be measured days and weeks later. In one series of studies, using fMRI scans, researchers found that expressing gratitude thinking, writing, or calling the person showed greater neural sensitivity in the medial prefrontal cortex, a brain area associated with learning and decision making.

The more you ask, the easier it becomes. My experience has been that when I speak up and ask for what I want more often than not I get what I need. I could thank them and walk away. But, if I want the opportunity I need to ask for want I want.How much do you know about money rituals in Nigeria? We will also be talking about why people choose to do money rituals in the first place. We all know that witchcraft and sometimes even black magic are popular in Nigerian tradition.

One of the reasons why people get into the occult is, of course, to become richer, thus, there are lots of different money rituals that are supposed to bring riches to those who perform them. In Nigeria, as well as in other parts of Africa, most rituals are divided into sacred and non-sacred.

Sacred ones can be negative or positive; they involve sacrifices, rituals of initiation, and death rites. The positive sacred rituals are meant to consecrate and renew a religious object. Non-sacred rituals, on the other hand, signify re-enactment; they are merely an imitation. By another classification, the money rituals can be divided into three broad categories:. It is easy to guess that the first category is highly illegal, and most people rightfully consider it too appalling to be performed in the 21st century.

Nevertheless, it is the one most often shown in Yoruba movies. At the same time, Nigeria experiences a lot of ritualistic killings to this day, so maybe human sacrifice as a part of blood money rituals is not yet a thing of the past, as you might expect. The rituals from the second category that are often called Osole require the use of animals, animal parts and plants in order to work. That said, when things are not working the way they expected, people who practice Osole go for human sacrifice as well.

The third category seems like the most harmless one. However, as they usually do not involve sacrifices, they are considered to be less potent, thus often disregarded entirely.

While it is obvious that people go for money rituals to get richer, it might not be exactly clear what pushes them to do this.

Why not just earn money in more conventional ways, like by actually working? Well, most of the time money rituals are the last resort for some people.

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They might already be employed, but what they earn cannot possibly cover the cost of living. That is why getting into dark things might not seem that unreasonable. At the same time, there are claims that some people who are already quite rich want to get even richer by performing money rituals. Now, why would people willingly put what they already have at risk just for a chance of getting richer is beyond us. Getting into money rituals can also make a person feel more powerful, so some do not even do it for the money but for the sheer feeling of immense power.

There are also people who manage to turn money rituals into a full-fledged career by offering ritual services to others. Most of the time such people are charlatans that get richer by fooling gullible people out of their money.

Usually, people that get conned by these so-called ritualists do not turn to police for fear of ridicule, so these con artists roam freely with no repercussions and only get richer, as there is no shortage of dumb people in the world. If you want to learn how to do money ritual yourself, we strongly advise you not to get into it. First of all, if you are going for the big ritual involving some sort of a human sacrificeit is illegal.

Second, even if you are using animals or plants in order to perform your money rituals, most of such rituals if not all have serious repercussions. That way, you might end up with more problems than you started out with.

It seems like the safest option to go for is the spells and charms, but most people say that they are the weakest option of all. Therefore, if you want to get more money, just get a proper job, honestly. Getting into the occult is not likely to do you much good anyway. Main Ask Legit Ask Legit.It is painful enough that the parents of Favour Seun Daley-Oladele lost their year old daughter, a level theatre art student, in tragic circumstances.

But the gory details of how she was dismembered with her organs cooked and eaten by a wealth-seeking mother and son is heartrending. The disgusting belief that money can grow from the sacrifice of human beings has sent too many innocent people to their untimely death, especially in the southern part of the country. So how desperate or gullible must someone be not to see that if herbalists could create money by performing rituals, they themselves would not be so poor?

In his paper, "Sociological analysis of money rituals as a recurrent theme in Yoruba films", Dr Adagbada Olufadekemi, a lecturer at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, argued that instant riches through money rituals that is often projected in Nollywood movies is a reflection of our reality in which "esoteric forces tapped from nature are used by the initiate to send the soul of the sacrificial victim to a supra-physical realm, wherein it labour to bring wealth to the ritualist.

What the paper ignores is the factor of greed and the growing penchant by many of our young people for one of the 'Seven Social Sins' identified by Mohandas Gandhi as 'Wealth without work'. So, having failed in his academics, he was looking for a short cut to success; he wants to 'hammer' through diabolical means, without having to work.

It is a growing sociological problem in Nigeria that we need to address. While dark powers exist, the notion that anybody can conjure money after killing and harvesting the head or internal organs of another human being is ludicrous.

This belief is prevalent not only in Nigeria but across the African continent. It is for this reason that albino and people suffering with a hunched back are perpetually endangered. Inbald men in Mozambique were warned by the police that they could be targets of ritual attacks, after five men were murdered within a week.

While moral disruptions due to ineffective education or damage caused by failure in governance tend to be more gradual and less perceptible, according to Sogolo, "the effects of disruptions caused by severe material needs and cultural invasions are more dramatic and impactful on human character" because such "derails the mind of the individual and causes havoc to the collective psyche.

The result, in most cases, is the failure to comprehend the purpose of life, leading to moral apathy and unwholesome acts of violence, aggression and criminality, especially among the youths.

Although money rituals have been with us for a long time, the current prevalence can be situated within the context of Sogolo's thesis. If you listen to the lyrics of most of the artistes who now rule the airwaves and are idolized in the social media, dishonest living to make money is all they glorify; in addition to peddling obscenities. And many of their followers are being conditioned to believe that in life, only the end justifies the means.

That is why some young men would engage in daylight bank robbery in Abuja! He was on a working visit to the Ikogosi Spring then under reconstruction and I escorted him.

In the course of inspecting the project, Fayemi noticed he couldn't comprehend the language being spoken by the artisans. He asked where they came from and they said Cotonou, Republic of Benin. Turning to the contractor, Fayemi asked why he would deny local people jobs from which they could earn income. The contractor said the job required some special skills that were not readily available in the country.

The contractors replied that the local boys were not willing to learn because they don't want to work. When Fayemi called the boys, they were more interested in him 'dropping something'.

Those are the kind of people who engage in money rituals and their population is growing across the country. While I commiserate with the Daley-Oladele family for the gruesome murder of their daughter, I hope the police will speed up their investigation and charge the culprits to court.

But as a society, we must deal with this moral decay in which young men believe that the way to 'make it' in life is not by work but rather by killing fellow human beings and removing their body parts for money rituals. During the Christmas holiday, I spent a considerable amount of time watching television.

In the process I saw numerous Globalcom commercials promoting our rich culture and the nation's entertainment industry. By using local musicians, actors, actresses as well as global stars with Nigerian ancestry for endorsement, Globacom has helped to empower many of our people at home and in the diaspora.Do you desire to get money fast?

If yes, then I think you should try out some money spells using sugar. These rituals when done properly actually attract money to you. With these spells you can attract customers to your business, get a job, and achieve more abundance and endless positive things.

Sounds interesting right? Sugar is only used in positive rituals; you can hardly see sugar for negative or dark things. In this blog I will show you five rituals using sugar that would earn you more cash.

Phase of the moon: Crescent moon is the best but you can carry these spells during all phases except when the moon is waning. Go through all the rooms of the house and in each one of them throw a spoonful of sugar on the burning coal, letting the smoke invade the environment. On the outside of your house, place a bowl of sugar with a few coins inside and keep it there all night.

You can do this during all phases of the moon except when the moon is waning. On the next day, remove the coins and leave them on the floor of your house, anywhere, in all environments or in the corners if you do not want to step on them. Leave the sugar in the kitchen and between duration of 13 days, money must arrive and when it does, remove the coins and throw away the sugar.

You can repeat this procedure every time you want money. If you do not have a tree you can bury it in a pot, but it must be a plant that has flowers or used to have flowers. This spell is another great spell of abundance that serves not only to get money fast but also prevents us from incurring debts.

Once sealed, place the magic item in your kitchen or near your business cash register if you have a business. This will be a powerful talisman to attract the money and at the same time a great amulet to repel the debts. Another way to get quick money using sugar is with the money plant. What should you do? Get a beautiful plant in your house either on the ground or in a pot. The plant can be with flowers or without them, but it is important that it is a healthy, strong and growing plant.

mozambique money rituals

With these 5 ways to get quick money using sugar you will see that sometimes the magic can be very simple, you just have to trust without a doubt, that it will work perfectly for you! In addition to sugar, you can make rituals for money using many things like: laurel, mint, basil, cinnamon, honey, pepper and even salt.

If I were to try method 2. Do I have to use white sugar as it will attract ants if the bowl is not closed unless brown sugar is also acceptable. You must be logged in to post a comment. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? First name. Last name. You can subscribe to our magical newsletter from Black Magic Witch. We hope you can join us.Depending on where you are these traditions from around the world may appear a little strange, but to others they are part of their history and heritage.

You may already know some of them, but all of them are very fascinating and give you an insight in to other peoples cultures and traditions. Krampus Night. Foot Binding, a beauty ritual for women to keep their feet from growing too large, is a painful Chinese tradition that only stopped in the s. The Bahai People of Iran have their own calendar consisting of nineteen months each with nineteen days. In many Western cultures, children leave teeth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to collect — usually in return for some money!

A Norwegian bride traditionally wears a silver crown with dangling charms to ward off evil spirits. Wedding celebrations can involve five parties in some parts of the Middle East, beginning with the engagement party and ending with the wedding shower, seven days after the marriage. Shoes must always be removed before entering a Japanese home. This also holds true for Indian households too.

A traditional Christmas Day meal in Latvia consists of cooked brown peas with pork sauce and cabbage. Often said by people in the UK to counteract the bad luck brought by the sighting of a single magpie. Wherever you visit around the world, make sure you take a Mobal World Phone with you. Spread the news, talk to family, friends and business colleagues and share your experiences.

You forgot a tradition called the Three Wise Kings or El dia de los tres reyes. They give presents on January 6th. The japanese one is for us too and we r pakistani-british. Most asian households, not only Japanese and Indian, take off their shoes too, like Korea, for example.

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Mozambican traditional healers

Emma posted on October 12, February 1, 17 Comments. KM December 13, at pm.

mozambique money rituals

Luke Snorgrass September 14, at am. Yellow Star September 19, at pm. Cuerpo March 24, at am. Elmir November 7, at am. Mila August 12, at pm. Hilda Jara March 5, at am. JeeSoo Kim May 23, at am. Canadian Mom May 25, at am. Shea September 4, at pm. Julie June 12, at pm.Africa, with its many nations and tribes, is very rich in different wedding traditions. An old African proverb says, "A man without a wife is like a vase without flowers. Egyptian weddings are often arranged.

mozambique money rituals

At the engagement part a groom-to-be gives his bride-to-be a money known as Mahr. This money is used to buy jewelery called Shabka and furniture. The groom gives her a ring which she wears on her right hand. Before the wedding henna tattoos are applied on bride's feet and hands.

The wedding starts with the performance of Zaffa music which involves traditional bendir drums, bagpipes, horns etc. The wedding ceremony is performed in mosque or church. At the wedding feast the happy couple sits on Kosha chairs raised on a platform.

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Kofta meatballs and rose water drink called Sharpat are just two delicacies served at the wedding meal. In Egypt women pinch the bride on her wedding day. It means good luck. At the wedding ceremony held by the Masai Maasai nation of Kenya the father of the bride blesses her by spitting on her head and breasts. Then she leaves with her husband. While walking to her new home she never looks back as she believes that she will turn to stone.

Swahilli nation of Kenya bathe bride in sandalwood oils and apply henna tattoos on her limbs. Somo or a woman elder instructs the bride how to satisfy her husband. The somo sometimes hides under the bed in case some unexpected problems appear. Semi-nomadic Samburu nation lives in Kenya too.

For the Samburu people presents prepared by groom two goatskins, two copper earrings, a milk container, a sheep are especially important. Polygamous marriages are common in the Wodabee nation of Niger. There are also marriages as result of love. Groom's family offers a price to the bride's family. If it is excepted the bride and groom are married.

A bride lives with her husband until her pregnancy. Then she returns to her mother's home, where she will remain for the next three to four years. With the birth of a baby the woman becomes a boofeydo or "someone who has made an error. The husband can not express any interest in her or the baby.

After two to three years, the woman will be able to visit her husband, but not live with him. Finally, when the woman's mother buys everything that is needed for bride's home, she and the baby return to the husband. To enhance the beauty of the Karo bride her abdomen is tattooed with different symbols. The Karo man can have as many wives as he can afford. Usually he has two or three wives. In Sudanese Neur tribe the groom can get married if he pays for herds of cattle.

Wedding is complete when the wife gives birth to two kids. If the wife has only one child the husband can ask for divorce.


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