Buying art in cuba 2019

Cuban souvenirs are usually really cheap but first rule of buying anything in Cuba is haggle and negotiate as hard as you can. Real prices are usually about a third of the initial asking price. If you find something special that you like you should buy it on the spot as many souvenirs are hand made and it could be possible not to find them again later on.

A good strategy is to find a vendor and buy all your souvenirs at once from the same store, or at least most of them, as you will get considerable discounts. If you ask for them obviously. Fridge magnets — go for the ceramic ones as they are unique — usually 5 for 8 CUC.

For example did you know that if a country strips you off your citizenship of origin for fighting against the system, Cuba automatically gives you Cuban citizenship? Recicled materials souvenirs — about 10 CUC depending on the model, they are usualy old cars made out of beer cans.

Cigars — make sure you buy them form a legal store and get the receipt! They have posters all over the airport against counterfeit cigars and they might not let you exit the country with them. Prices vary dramatically according to quality. You probably can find most of this at home depending on your country but the only quality rum that they only export to Spain and not the rest of the world is the Havana Club Ritual — about 5 CUC in tourist stores. It has a distinct vanilla flavor it gets from the barrels they age it in.

He said to give him 1 CUC for it, I only had 0. Jineteros — The Cuban Hustlers. Inside Cuba. Cars on the road in Cuba.

Getting Around. Casa de la Musica in Miramar. Best time to visit Cuba. Prices and weather. Tourist Visa for Cuba. Toilets in Cuba. Departures from Cuba by Airport. Arriving at Jose Marti Airport in Havana. Pay attention to Money in Cuba. Cocktails in Cuba. Cuban Chocolate and the Museo del Chocolate in Havana. The coffee situation in Cuba.

Souvenirs in Cuba, what to bring back home.

Street food in Havana, Cuba. Eating at Restaurants in Cuba. Cuban Drinks. What regular Cubans eat. Souvenirs in Cuba, what to bring back home. What to buy. Popular items: Fridge magnets — go for the ceramic ones as they are unique — usually 5 for 8 CUC. Lighter, Keychain — 1 CUC. Cuban Hats — made out of straws, max 5 CUC. Recent Posts Popular Posts.Which Cuban money should you use? Can you pay with a credit card or debit card? Do they even have ATMs in Cuba?

In this article, we answer these questions and more. Right off the bat, we can tell you that the Cuban currency system is super complicated to deal with as a traveler. The value of the CUC is pinned to the U. However, there are some exchange and bank fees that you will have to cover. We will talk about Cuban currency exchange rates later on in this article.

The CUC is available in bills of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 and You should always have the lower denomination bills to hand. For comparison, 1 CUP is only worth about 4 U. Never used Cuban money. Actually, shops and restaurants at Cuban airports only accept foreign currencies.

The use of CUC at Cuban airports is forbidden. You read that right : you cannot use CUC in shops and restaurants at Cuban airports. Make sure you exchange all your CUCs to your home currency before you check in at the airport. However, only Cubans can buy from these stores by getting a dollar-denominated card from a Cuban bank.

Not only Cuban money is unavailable for exchange outside of Cuba, but importing and exporting CUC is strictly forbidden. The exchange rate depends on whether you want to buy or sell CUC and on the foreign currency you are using for the operation. The value of international currencies against the Cuban Convertible Peso is determined by the international exchange rate. Basically, you are getting about 1.

Hope this is clear? You should also know that the Cuban currency exchange rate may be slightly more expensive at CADECA offices located in hotels, ports, and airports. The exchange rate to the US dollar is a little more complicated yeah, we know. In the end, you will end up paying 1.

However, keep in mind that currency scams are common in Cuba, and tourists are typically the victims.Since we had a late night, we barely made our 10AM breakfast the next morning, but needed the fuel for our buying art in Havana expedition. It was largely the same as the breakfast we had the first day, and still delicious — a Western scramble, crepes, fresh fruit, juice, bread, and coffee.

I have to say, these large breakfasts were clutch for us and made it possible to power through most of the day before getting hungry. We checked out and put our luggage on the 3 rd floor in a corner in storage while we again walked around the Old City. This time, our quest for art panned out. Michon spoke decent English and Baby bizarrely enough studied Mandarin in school but no English. They took us around to a few galleries nearby and we really enjoyed getting to know them.

They were excited to see the Pope who was to arrive in two days, on 19 Sepand they lived in the square that the Archibishop had his residence in. After parting with them, we hit several other galleries that were closed the night before, and found a few real candidates for buying art in Havana.

We continued looking but eventually came back to two and made purchases. The first was a tiny shop with the art of two struggling painters, one of whom we spent a long time talking with. His paintings bordered on the abstract, but you could still find meaning and see things in them. He explained some of the themes he liked to play with, and his interpretation of the paintings, which only made us like them more. Dave eventually bought a large painting that had elements of the things your mother taught you but you forgot — like treating other people well, interconnectedness through good karma, and uplifting each other.

He also told us that if we turned the painting on its side, we could see a woman.

buying art in cuba 2019

He said he had some upcoming exhibitions in Canada, and had some connections in New York that he was trying to work on. It was a great experience for us — we enjoyed learning about the man as much as his art, and we parted with one final lesson.

We were told by this artist that it was a constant reminder of the nourishment our bodies received through hard work, and also the transubstantiation of the body of Christ. I told him that I thought it meant that art was for the mind and soul as bread was for the body. He agreed and said he never thought of it that way. We liked our explanation better. Just after that, we returned to another gallery where a few pieces caught my eye.

Dave bought a signed print of Hemingway and Castro as a more literal souvenir of Cuba. Then, one of the security officers made an announcement that if you […]. Hi, I read that all the art that is exported from Cuba, requires some government stamp.

buying art in cuba 2019

Have you gotten it from the artists?? Your email address will not be published.The items listed below are subjected to export requirements:. Passengers can carry up to three units of the same drug locally produced, except those for continuous treatment, according to its duration and accompanied by certification of the Health Center; and in the case of passengers who are non- permanent residents in Cuba, the relevant Official Invoice must be submitted.

Travellers leaving the country must orally declare to Customs all cigars they are taking with them or in the accompanying baggage. Up to twenty 20 units of bulk cigars, without submitting any document. Up to fifty 50 units of cigars, but they must be in their original package, unopened, sealed and with the established official hologram. The export is not authorized without meeting these requirements; and. For more than fifty 50 units of cigars, which cannot exceed the amount of 5, The quantity of cigars exceeding fifty 50 units not declared by travellers and any quantity exceeding the quantity declared, or that having been declared its legal purchase is not backed up by the formal sale invoice, or the packages do not have the attributes and the other requeriments identifying them as Cuban cigars, will be seized.

Regarding pieces of work and collections with numismatic value, the authorization of the Numismatic Museum or the Central Bank of Cuba should be produced. Passengers who purchase fresh paintings and sculptures at the sale outlets must be assured that they have the stamp which authorizes the export or apply for the corresponding permit, which is a necessary requirement to take the item out of the country.

Permanent residents in Cuba, who require to take professional materials with them to work abroad, must declare it when leaving the country in case they want to take it back when they return. Escribir un comentario. Back to top.If buying art in Cuba make sure you are given an official document consisting of three copies. I learned the hard way. I paid 60 pesos for a lovely oil painting done in sepia colours of an old man playing a guitar. The artist took the canvas off the board for me, rolled it up in clean white paper and attached a small white receipt to the wrappings - a bogus receipt I found out later.

The painting is being held at customs and paperwork had to be filled out. They told me I needed to find someone in Cuba to take the paperwork to the artist and have him sign it for me. If this cannot be done, then I have 30 days to write immigration and explain why and where I bought the painting and for what reason. They have a person that comes in once a month to go over art work that is on hold at customs.

At that time they make the final decision of whether the paintings should be sent on to us or kept in Cuba. This was a lesson well learned on my part. Both: copies mentioned and stamps are necessary. In fact there are differences between the kind of art purchased at open markets, craftsmen markets and private galleries of non registered artists and the one bought from registered artists with BFC.

It is a complex process. Usually right at the markets a representative of BFC is there to provide speedy solutions and official receipts and stamps.

But when art could be considered of any kind of national heritage even if the specialists of BFC is not sure then you have to take it to the Offices of the Register where a 24 hours process will be implemented and only after that one your art would receive the green light to be exported.

In those cases the receipts are different from the ones mentioned by Kare. I didn't get a receipt, rolled them up, put them in my suitcase and I now have them framed and hanging proudly on the walls of my house.

I'm visiting Havana again at the end of this week and I would like to buy some more pictures similar size and value from the craft markets. Do I need to ask for these special receipts this time or do they not apply to such small value items? If you bought the art at Old Havana craftsmen market, the personnel providing the stamps and the receipt are there every day the market is open Wed to at.I'll be in Habana for most of the time but will also spend some time in Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

Would be most grateful for recommendations. No recommendations but you need a certificate to take any works or art out of the country. The artist should be able to give you the certificate. Don't buy anything if you don't get the certificate. Thank you for the info.

buying art in cuba 2019

I have been reading about that but am having a hard time finding info in best places to purchase art. Alot of beautiful artwork. And there is also plenty of small shops in and on the streets in Havana and other parts of the island. Sometimes it actually is the artist that is selling them.

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Legally you need a certificate to take a painting from the island. Even if the seller says you don't. Although alot of visitors don't know or pay for the tax and never get questioned at the Cuban Customs when leaving. I've learnt and now i always want and it seems i need a certificate to remove a painting from the island.

It also seems that i Have to take and declare my paintings that i have in Cuban made cardboard tubes a good way to transport paintings with my check on luggage. Although i have never lied to them. Cuba has many many beautiful and powerful paintings for sale. There are some paintings that it almost feels like a sin to remove it from the island. Good Luck!! Thought you might need to read this re: obtaining a permit for taking out more serious art pieces if the artist does not provide you one:.

Alamacenes de San Jose referred to in 3 is the last place we would go to buy serious art but if the stuff there is to your taste there is a lot of it. We were sitting at the patio at Dona Eutimiaand a tour group all wearing the same lanyards and tags was leaving what appeared to be an art studio. The guide said to the group: "This is one of the places that you are able to make purchases. On 2nd visit after clearing customs, i hear my name called on the loud speaker.Heading to Cuba is a destination many people would love to see, but never take time to actually come and visit.

So many people I spoke to were intrigued by my idea to go backpacking in Cuba back in So with these points in mind, I encourage you to keep your eye open for new learning opportunities along your trip. Depending on your style of travel, because there are many you may want to chop and change your Cuba itinerary to suit your needs.

Buying art in Cuba - Cuba Forum

Again it all depends on your style of travel. Whether you travel to Cuba with kids or with a loved one, plan well ahead and have a fantastic time. These days, I find myself engaged more in slow travelas I like to get to know people and get to feel the everyday vibe of particular places.

Use the links to jump to the popular points of interest in Cuba:. Whatever your style of travel is, I recommend you keep yourself flexible so you can move if need be.

Where should you start your journey from, then?

buying art in cuba 2019

A trip to the city of Havana is an absolute must: a rich tourist spot that will immediately make you feel very welcome. There is much to do here, from driving a classic s convertible car to a trip around the famous Havana Vieja.

What about a trip around the cigar factory down at Partagas? Or a quick day trip to Varadero Beach? Make no mistake, this is the perfect place to start a trip around your time in Cuba. The problem I found was discovering them. Researching things to do in Havana before you leave is an essential idea. A must whilst staying in Havana. They go along a fixed route and passengers get on and off.

This is a spectacular and popular place to hang out at night. I recommend Almacenes San Josewhich is on my list of places to visit in Havana you must go. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana is a great place to spend a few hours on one of those blazing hot days in the city. You can recite art from the colonial period right through to the avant-garde and revolutionary period.

Buying art in Cuba - Cuba Forum

Also, you can have a guided visit in English. But beware, no photos are allowed to be taken inside the galleries. If you are sensitive to the sun try to carry a sun hat that has UV protected material.

As strange as it sounds this is the perfect place for ice cream and architecture. The building looks like a giant spaceship. In old Havana, I passed so many houses with the door open and people sprawling out. Did you know Cuba has one of the best education systems globally? There are some great statues and memorials scattered around.

When looking for things to do in Havana at night — be careful! You can try some of the following activities in Havana:. Rendezvous occur by day and by night. I enjoyed watching the fishermen as the waves crashed into the wall and water splattered everywhere.

Not listed as one of the main Cuba tourist attractions but while keep you inspired as you walk around the streets of Havana. One way to learn more about Cuban culture whilst you explore what to do in Havana is by searching for Cuban artwork. I love street art. However, a trip to Trinidad is a lot of fun so long as you are willing to keep an eye on your goods. Be sure to take a look at our guide to Trinidad, too, if you want some inspiration on unique places to visit and things to do.


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